Flue and Chimney Liners

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Chimney Flue SystemsEvery solution for your flueing requirements from standard grade chimney liners to twin wall insulated stainless steel flues. We supply high quality flues and liners at competitive prices.

SMW is a high quality pre-fabricated twin-wall stainless steel chimney system for use on domestic solid fuel and commercial gas and oil fired appliances. Manufactured from a corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel liner, 25mm high density insulation and 304 grade stainless steel outer casing to ensure many years of service together with rapid draught production and multi-barbed twist lock jointing system for ease and speed of insulation.

Suitable for applications where the flue gas temperature does not exceed 450°C continuous and 550°C intermittent and the chimney is designed to operate under negative pressure and dry conditions. Available in twelve sizes ranging from 127mm to 350mm internal diameter. This product is not suitable for condensing and positive pressure applications.

SM250 is a variation of the SMW product but covers a diameter range from 127mm to 207mm.  The main difference is in the insulation with the SM250 using ultra high density Microtherm Silica insulation for greater thermal performance and lower surface temperatures.

Chimney Liners

Chimney LinersOur multifuel liners are highly flexible and robust, demanded and specified by countless professional installers who regard these superb liners quite simply as the ‘best’. Unlike typical liners they have not been built down to the most economical price. They are made to give, uncompromisingly, the best possible performance for both installation and use.

The number in ‘Twinflex 316′ referes to the grade of steel used for this product. This excellent steel is highly stable, having low coefficient of expansion, incredible work-hardening properties and good resistance to all products of combustion of recognized fuels.

Maximum temperature (exceptionally) 1100 degrees Centigrade. Maximum temperature (operationally) 600 degrees Centigrade

Further information on Chimney Liner Installation can be found on our chimney liner installation page.