Wood/Multifuel Stoves

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A wood burning stove is the most popular, flexible and economical wood heating option and is defined as a space heater, as it heats directly into the room. A wood burning stove can be located almost anywhere there is enough space and where its flue can be properly routed.

Wood stoves are generally used as a secondary heat source, but in open plan areas can heat a large proportion of a property. By choosing the correct type you can in conjunction with existing heating reduce C0₂ by heating areas you spend most time in.

Not all stoves perform in the same way, some stoves are designed for continuous operation and will burn hour after hour and offer overnight capability, and other stoves have features such as fast heat up and attractive flames and are ideal for quick room comfort. Heat storage stoves collect a proportion of heat produced and release it slowly over several hours.

Anslow Woodburners Ltd are a Staffordshire Woodburning Stoves Supplier – stocking of a large range of woodburning and multifuel stoves – please click on the thumbnails below to see a small selection from our range of stoves. For more information on any of our stoves please get in touch.

Choosing your stove:

When choosing a stove it is important you consider how the stove will operate and fit within your lifestyle. Stoves operate in three distinctive ways

Intermittent operation

A stove which is designed for short quick heating, often used in the evening and for short operation periods. This is the most common type & is generally made from cast iron or steel.

Heat storage

A stove constructed using stone or ceramic exterior or internal stone mass to collect heat quickly from intermittent operation and then releases the stored energy slowly over a period of time.

Continuous operation

An advanced designed appliance with very accurate combustion air control over the fires activity. This control allows for long periods of operation without constantly loading the stove

In the case of stoves the cost generally depends on the quality of the stove and the more features it has, generally the more expensive it is.