Comparing CO2 emissions from different RHI technologies

Calculations were done to determine the CO2 emissions from different technologies. The calculations were based on a typical 4 -bedroom house whose energy requirements are 17000kWh on space heating and 3500kWh on water heating.

Based on the efficiencies of different technologies, the total energy input that yields this output energy (delivered heat) can be calculated.

This is done using the equation 4.1

Comparing CO2 emissions from different RHI technologies

In order to get the CO2 emissions in Kgs the total input energy is multiplied by the CO2 conversion factors of the different heating technologies as shown in equation 4.2.


These CO2 factors were obtained from

In order to calculate the amount of carbon emitted, the fraction of carbon in CO2 is obtained. This is done by taking into account the Relative Molecular Masses (RMM) carbon in the CO2 molecule and is given as


Hence Kgs of Carbon(C) will be given as


Using the equation above, carbon emissions for different fuel technologies were calculated as shown in the table below