DEFRA and Smoke Control Areas


Exempt/Approved appliances are appliances (ovens, wood burners and stoves) which have been exempted by Statutory Instruments (Orders) under the Clean Air Act 1993 or Clean Air (Northern Ireland) Order 1981. These have passed tests to confirm that they are capable of burning an unauthorised or inherently smoky solid fuel without emitting smoke.

The “Clean Air Act 1993” which provides the current rules governing the emissions of smoke. The Act allows a local authority to declare districts to be a smoke control area with the power to impose fines of £1,000 on domestic properties emitting smoke. Burning fuels not authorized as being “smokeless” in an appliance that was not permitted to burn unauthorized fuels is not allowed. Appliances with a proven capability for burning unauthorized fuels without producing smoke are classified as being an “exempt appliance”.

The emission of smoke is an indication of low efficiency; we supply stoves capable of meeting the requirements for achieving the status of an “exempt appliance”. This is an appliance proven to be capable of burning “unauthorized fuels” such as wood whilst not emitting smoke.

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