Large Batch Boilers

Large Batch Boiler The green energy produced by the biomass boilers can be used to heat industrial and commercial buildings, such as farm buildings, factories, etc. The size of building you can heat will depend on which model of batch burning boiler you have. Straw bale biomass boilers burn whole bales of rape and cereal straw, hemp and miscanthus. This form of biomass boiler can be carbon neutral as the crops absorb as much carbon dioxide during respiration as is released from burning. As long as new crops are planted to replace the ones that are harvested this type of biomass fuel is renewable. The systems can be designed to heat one or more buildings, with the boiler directly heating a buffer vessel (size depending on heat load) and then pumped to various buildings either through a plate heat exchanger and/or wall hung unit heaters. The plate heat exchanger can then be retrofitted into an existing heating / hot water system, with or without the existing boiler supplementing the heat.

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