Wood/Multi fuel Boiler Stoves

Fat penguin Cornwall (2)Short penguin blackekol-Clarity-Double-Sided-low-2BB1_0433A wood stove fitted with a water heating boiler has many advantages of a room heating stove, but with the additional feature of generating heated water as well as space heating in a room in which it is located.

A stove can be located almost anywhere there is enough space and where connections to a heating circuit and a chimney can be properly routed.

A stove with a boiler can be used to entirely run a central heating and hot water system or supplement an existing heating system when used in conjunction with a primary boiler system.

Because heat output is divided between the water and the room it is very important to choose the correct model to achieve the correct balance, which will be influenced by anticipated demand of the heating system as well as the room size.

Anslow Woodburners are stockists of a wide range of wood and multi fuel burning boiler stoves – please contact us for further information. Please click on the thumbnails below to see a few examples.

Gravity Fed System

Gravity feed systems are vented to atmosphere and require an expansion tank usual in the loft. A way of dissipating any excess heat in case of an electricity or system failure is required; this is normally an adequate heat leak in the form of a radiator often located in the bathroom.


Closed Systems

Closed systems are unvented pressurised design and closed to atmosphere, therefore they have no feed and expansion tank installed. It is required an appropriate safety control to deal with any water expansion or excess heat generated. This system is only suitable for modern stoves fitted with a thermal safety device.