Wood Pellet Boilers

CalgaryWood pellet boilers are simple to use and very reliable, they function like a fossil fuelled boiler. When heat is required they will automatically ignite, feed fuel to the fire, self-clean and switch off when not required. Pellet boilers are now a great alternative to traditional oil LPG and natural gas boilers.

Almost any heating system can be retrofitted with a wood pellet boiler, either as a standalone heat source or as a primary or back up heat source in conjunction with another boiler.

Wood pellets are a lower cost, CO₂ neutral fuel and are from a renewable source. Typically they are made from compressed sawdust which can be sourced locally within the UK.

They are more suited to smaller and more sophisticated remote delivery systems.

Pellet BoilerAdvantages

  • Can replace fossil fuelled boilers
  • Fully automatic control/feed system
  • Automatic ignition & cleaning
  • Less bulky fuel & cleaner than logs or chips
  • Boiler suitable for all size applications
  • Running costs stable & reliable
  • Designed for long operational life
  • Remote boiler control over network or internet can be provided
  • Eligible for Domestic & Non Domestic RHI



  • Higher installation cost than fossil fuel
  • Pellet quality is very important for good operation
  • Requires dedicated boiler house & fuel store
  • Requires annual maintenance by engineer
  • Requires ash removal



Pellets are available in pre packed bags (normally 10 – 15kg) for ease of handling and convenience, they can be bulk delivered and stored on pallets. Larger domestic models can be vacuum fed from separate store.

Pellet Feed Systems

For bulk deliveries, pellets can be blown directly into a large on site fuel storage area. It is then transferred by vacuum or auger feed automatically when required. Whichever method of storage and delivery is chosen, the intelligent feeding systems will only transport the right quantity of pellets to the combustion chamber. Because ignition is achieved electrically and the heating output adjusts continuously to heating needs the depletion of the pellet store is at its most economic rate possible.

Fuelling By Hand

Pellets are stored in pre packed bags for ease of handling; they can be purchased individually or delivered in bulk on a pallet. They are emptied into a smaller hopper directly connected to the boiler.

Automatic Vacuum Transfer

Pellets are stored remotely in a large purposed built store or silo. Local to the boiler is a small pellet hopper, when the pellet level of this hopper drops below the pre-set level the system automatically refills using vacuum transfer from the main pellet store/silo. Usually used in larger properties where pellets will be bulk delivered.

Automatic Auger Transfer

Pellets are stored in a large bunker local to the boiler installation; the pellets are auger fed directly from the bunker into the boiler as energy is required. Normally used in lager commercial installations where pellet quality cannot be guaranteed.